PCB Innova the PCB’s specialists network

PCB Innova is a network of companies operating within the sector of PCB manufacturing both at national and international level.


PCB research to innovate

A  complete manufacturing process ranging from research to the certification of the products.


Competences and technologies to improve the products

The network’s activities are supported by labs, technologies and competences.


  • 01 Share Competences

    A network to support and help each other by sharing competences and investing on continuous technological updating and improvement
  • 02 Analyzing problems

    Facing problems together on the basis of the knowledge of all the network’s companies.
  • 03 Research solutions

    Continuous research guarantees highly advantageous solutions both for researchers and contractors.
  • 04 Innovate the products

    This process leads to the creation of highly innovative products created following important investments in the PCB sector.

The Network

PCB Innova is a network of companies operating within the sector of Printed Circuit Board [PCB] manufacturing both at national and international level.

The PCBInnovanet network was created for the purpose of favouring the development of the business sector and increasing its potential through build-ups with the aim of valorizing the human capital and competences pertaining to the network.

The advantages

Besides sharing their competences the companies pertaining to the network also take advantage of:
  • A highly technological Lab
  • An integrated order processing system
  • The management of manufacturing
  • Integrated communication

The products

Competences and technology to manufacture high quality PCB’s.

The companies manage to face all of their Clients’ needs and requests, from the design of the boards to their large-scale manufacturing, including lab analysis, prototyping and the assessment of alternative proposals.

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